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About The Team

About The Team

Meet The Team

Steve Tappe
Asset Management/Financing

Steve Tappe has worked in multifamily, commercial property and asset management in San Francisco for over 25 years. He currently lives in Colorado where he continues to buy and operate multifamily properties. He has assets undert management of $35 million in Colorado and California.

George Roberts III
George Roberts III
Investor Relations

Before devoting himself to commercial real estate full-time, George worked as an award-winning data scientist and bioscientist with over 700 citations in the fields of genomics, microbiology, and physiology. Deciding that he didn’t look handsome in a lab coat, he turned his attention to the dashing world of entrepreneurship.


George is a founder of Walnut Grove Homes, an upscale residential construction company based in Troy, Michigan which reached seven-figure status in 2021. He is also a Principal at Horizon Multifamily which sponsors value-add multifamily opportunities in the Southeast for qualified passive investors. In addition to his over 300 units as an active multifamily investor, he is also an avid passive investor. His passive investments include hundreds of multifamily units as well as a series of carwashes, early-stage companies, and a drug rehab facility.


When he is not running one of his active investments, you can find George hosting “The Foundery – Where Leaders are Forged Daily!”, a podcast devoted to the role that entrepreneurship, leadership, and mindset play in success in the commercial real estate space. He also hosts the weekly “CRE Network at Noon Eastern” Zoom meetup for investors and other commercial real estate players every Wednesday at noon Eastern. You can reach out to George to learn more about passive investing, to find more information about his online or in-person (Michigan) events, or to have George speak at your event. Contact George at george@horizonmultifamily.com or through LinkedIn.


Fun facts


George enjoys public speaking and is an award-winning Toastmaster at the Club and Area level. He has nine scientific research publications to his credit. He has an Erdős number of 5 which is a sort of “Degrees of Kevin Bacon” for scientists. He is a recipient of the 2019 Transforming Data With Intelligence award. When he is not attending to one of his business entities in the Midwest, he can be found sailing Lake Erie with his wife Mary and his two sons.

Pavlo (Paul) Prokop, PhD.
Investor Relations

Paul has been investing in real estate since 1990 and has partnered in land development, new construction, buy and hold, repositions, short sales, and holdings including general partner multifamily real estate in both Florida and Tennessee. He also has completed a 506c multifamily syndication for accredited investors, cost segregation study and is an active asset manager. He is the Metro Detroit co-host for MFIN (Multifamily Investor Nation) meetup each month.

Paul was a Lectorial Professor at American University in Washington, D.C. Currently, he uses his passion for teaching to share the benefits of multifamily investment with our valued clients.

Mark Prokop
Acquisition/Reposition Specialist

Mark Prokop is an entrepreneur, investor and agent with four decades of experience involving hundreds of real estate transactions. He is the founder and managing principal of Sunlight Properties LC, an active building and development company.

Mark enjoys finding and negotiating value-add acquisitions, repositioning properties to achieve highest and best use, site and infrastructure developments, renovation management and analyzing financial models for profitable disposition.

His real estate brokerage career includes current licenses in MI and FL and spans the residential, commercial, student housing, industrial, land and multifamily asset classes.

Mark currently resides in and is our boots on the ground in Florida.